I am interested in a variety of research topics across cosmology and instrumentation. On the instrumentation end, I am interested in affordable alternatives to traditional orbital space missions. With regards to cosmology, I am interested in observational probes of the nature of dark matter and dark energy, specifically, I am interested in the large scale structure of the universe and galaxy cluster cosmology.

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Balloon-borne Imaging Telescop (BIT)

BIT is a series of Balloon-borne spacecrafts that operate as diffraction-limited wide-field near-infrared to near-ultraviolet observatories designed to exploit the stratosphere's space-like conditions.

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Little UV Space (LUVS) Telescope

A small space telescope with ultraviolet sensitivity and a large field-of-view for following gravitational wave events and other astronomical transients. The system intends to utilize SpaceX's affordable rideshare launch system.

Cluster Mass Net

This project is centered around the development of a neural net approach to the extraction of cluster mass estimates from optical images without the reliance on traditional scaling relations.



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